30 August 2011


I have been longing for a lilac skirt for some time now and after visiting my local JoAnn's I saw a cute polka dot and lilac fabric I thought I could make something myself.

I am planning on making a simple gathered skirt with a half elastic waist band. This is my second time making a half elastic waist band and the first time I didn't get the desired results.

This is my basic idea for what it should look like this sans the button up section.

III also bought this fabric a while back at Shabby Fabrics , when they had free shipping. I love their fabric stock. It is more classic and sweet classic inclined. There are so many beautiful items, I had a surge inspiration.

For the floral fabric, I'm planning on making something like this:

An empire waist jsk with pin-tucks on the bodice and near the hem and ruffle at the hem.

As for the striped fabric... I still haven't a clue what I can make. I am scouting the web for ideas.

These two project will be slow to progress, I am starting school soon. I guess these will keep me form stressing to much on just school.

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The Star of Paris said...

I'm so excited for you! This is a beautiful post >w< and very inspirational in simply getting started on projects xD I do hope to see your finished piece :3 And how AWESOME you have a fashion sketch of your design with your very own label on it! :O I must learn how to do this!