01 December 2011

Update and Treasuries

Hello all
so far school has been taking up much of my free time and my sewing machine needs to be looked at cause with some fabrics the thread tension is wacky, no progress on my dresses hopefully with coming break will be sufficient to get them done and ready for spring wearing.

I have been having a lot of internet time, since all of my classes are online and that means of course that procrastination pushes me to scout the web like crazy. I've found new fashion inspiration!
Do not fret I haven't left Lolita fashion I am just adding to my repertoire.

Here goes!
natural kei
dolly kei
mori girl
fairy kei/pop kei/ Spank!
and hybrids between these and lolita

Dolly kei has to be my favorite of the bunch since, it is the thriftiest and I already managed to come up with many outfits with hardly 100 USD spent. I plan on mixing Lolita with Dolly kei. Lolita bell-shaped skirt, OP, and JSK with Dolly kei blouses, and accessories which will probably look like a mix of Classic Lolita and Gothic Lolita.

Something along the lines of :

I also made a treasury for haunting accessories for dolly kei on etsy.

I will be posting about the other fashions soon!

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