31 December 2010

New Year's Resolutions

As new approaches the California Coast, we must reflect on this past year and look on to how we can better ourselves for the coming next. So come the New Year's Resolutions, promise to ourselves that some times don't make through to the next new year, but the intention is always what matters and since this is a fashion blog here are my fashion and blog New Year's resolutions:

*Blog more!
This blog was on hiatus for the second half of the year and before had very little updates.
So here's to more updates and more articles!

*Dress up more!
Maybe take some pictures while I'm at it.

*Craft more!
JSK and skirts, scarves, and cute headdresses too. I 've got to get my creative mind going.

*Get healthy!
Will get me less sick days and more dress up days too!

With some hope and dedication I will have some success in getting some of these accomplished

I wish you a fabulous new year and I hope your dreams come true.

So what are your news resolutions?

1 comment:

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

Great resolutions! Mine involve a lot of sewing and crafting, not to mention working on the novels and songs I have spiraling around in my head.