29 December 2010


Fashion has got to be one of my favorite modes of expression. Even when I am not all dolled up but in hideous sweats and tattered T, I am telling the world just who I want to be for that day.

Lately illness and lack of wardrobe (I need to buy some clothes soon) have kept me in what I call my frumpy ugly clothes, but I live for the days of meticulously coordinated outfits and carefully applied liquid eyeliner.

So which fashions styles do I feel broadcast to the world who I am?


I love all style of Lolita, but my preferred sub-style is classical. I do swoon for many an Angelic Pretty et all print, but I just can't get over the elegance and more mature look of the classic Lolita aesthetic. My favorite classic Lolita brand is Mary Magdalene but a close second is Victorian Maiden.

Fairy Kei/Spank!

On the other end of the coin is Fairy Kei and Spank!. Both are sweet sugary glittery with bright colors and 80s isn't die mentality. What can I say I just love it, no explanation just do!

Hime gyaru

More mature and sophisticated than Fairy Kei and Spank! Who doesn't want to be a princess? I love the lady like appeal and truly feminine allure.

Mori girl

Natural and quirky, to me mori girl embodies true innocent and magic. I fell head over heads for the simple eccentricity

Dolly kei
The dark more mature style, evokes images of witchy ethnic mixtures that capture the mind eyes.

What can I say I am a fashion eclectic. I won't tie myself to just one style or fashion. How dreadfully boring to feel that all you like has to be cohesive. Or that it must build one itself.

So I will have my fun and suggest you allow the same luxury.

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